About Nairobi Drinks

Nairobi Drinks is an online liquor store located in Nairobi CBD. We offer alcohol delivery in Nairobi and the surrounding regions. The following are the types of alcohol that we stock; whisky, wine, tequila, vodka, beers, gin, rum, champagne, liqueur, cognac, brandy, vermouth, bitters and aperitif. Beside alcohol, we also deliver soft drinks, fresh juices, gifts, cigarettes and condoms. Some of the reasons that you might choose Nairobi Drinks over the other liquor stores in Nairobi are our flexible means of ordering that includes WhatsApp, SMS and call via 0714798820. You may also order via shopping cart, email or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the recent past, there have been increased demand of late night alcohol delivery in Nairobi which has led us to extend our working hours to midnight on weekdays and 3 AM on weekends and holidays. This is in line with our goal of offering 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi.

Nairobi Drinks acknowledges that drinks delivery Kenya is a service for all regardless of your citizenship and economic background. It is for these reasons that we introduced flexible means of payments that include mobile money (Mpesa), credit cards, debit card, PayPal and cash on delivery. We give very competitive prices to retail clients and wholesale liquor prices to those who order in bulk in case of events like anniversaries, graduations, house parties, office parties, wedding ceremonies and social gatherings. We also give wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya to local wines and spirits, restaurants and lounges.

Why struggle with traffic, queuing to be checked out and lack of parking around the liquor shop? Don’t forget there are still chances of not finding the exact alcoholic drink you are interested in drinking so you are forced to settle for the alternative drink. How about the risk of the bottles breaking as you ferry them to your house? Nairobi Drinks ensures you will always buy drinks online with less or no struggle at all. This makes online alcohol delivery as enjoyable as drinking it. Don’t step out of the comfort of your warm house in a chilly weather while you can dial a drink from your phone or computer and have your favourite drink finding its way to your doorstep in minutes. To guarantee quick drink delivery, Nairobi drinks uses a fleet of motorbikes to execute its deliveries. This ensures that all our alcohol deliveries are executed within 30 minutes. Our riders are experienced ones and have mastered all the areas around the city and uses Bluetooth to communicate with our clients to guarantee that alcohol delivery time is not compromised by having to stop to make calls when there is a need.

Drinks delivery Nairobi is becoming the way of life in the city. At Nairobi Drinks, our top three liquor delivery services are whisky delivery Nairobi, Wine delivery Nairobi and champagne delivery Nairobi though some other services like beer delivery Nairobi and cognac delivery Nairobi are slowly picking up. If you liquor cabinet is empty and you friends come calling, don’t fret because Nairobi Drinks got your back. Choose online alcohol delivery Kenya and start enjoying life with a big spoon.

Join the Digital age and order liquor online. Dial a drink Kenya today via 0714798820 (call, text, WhatsApp) or visit our website www.nairobidrinks.co.ke to make an order via shopping cart or email (orders@nairobidrinks.co.ke) Our social media platform like twitter, Facebook and Instagram are also open. Cheers! #KeepItNairobiDrinks

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