Rum Delivery Nairobi

# Brand Country of Origin
 1   Captain Morgan Jamaica
 2   Bacardi United States
 3   Havana Club Cuba
 4   New Grove Rum Mauritius
 5   Old Nick Jamaica
 6   Malibu Jamaica
 7   Myers's Rum Jamaica
 8   Lamb's Navy Canada
 9   Negrita Jamaica
 10   Pyrat Rum Jamaica
 11   Old Monk India
 12   Gold of Mauritius Mauritius
 13   Bumbu Rum Jamaica
 14   Ron Zacapa United States
 15   Mount Gay Barbados
 16   Dos Maderas Spain
 17   Spytail France
 18   Cachaca Brazil
 19   Diplomatico Venezuela
 20   Plantation Jamaica
 21   Cargo Australia

Rum delivery Nairobi. Nairobi city has a number of liquor stores with Nairobi Drinks being the best online liquor shop in Nairobi. Rum delivery Nairobi is much easy to get by just calling 0714798820 or easily ordering from the Nairobi Drinks website to enjoy the fastest and most reliable alcohol delivery services in Nairobi Kenya.


Which is the best rum. The best Rum is by no means the easiest question to answer. Nairobi Drinks stocks a number of the best rums in Kenya. The best rums include Bumbu rum, Captain Morgan rum, Malibu rum, old monk rum, and Bacardi rum.


Is rum good for your health? Rum just like other alcoholic drinks has a number of benefits and especially social benefits. However, too much alcohol is harmful to anyone’s health. Alcohol (rum) should be taken responsibly. Rum has a number of health benefits like it reduces anxiety, muscle pains and works to correct dementia.


Can you drink rum straight? Yes, you can drink a shot of straight rum.


Rum brands in Kenya. Kenya has over the years been a big importer of alcoholic beverages. Kenya imports various brands of rum that include; Ron Zacapa, Pyrat rum, Lamb’s navy rum, Myer’s rum, New Grove rum, and Havana rum.

Do you need a rum delivery? Order the best rum online in Kenya from the best liquor shop in Nairobi. Nairobi drinks deliver your best rum to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. To order add your favorite rum to the shopping cart online and check out to put your delivery location details. Or call the hotline 0714798820 for instant ordering from a Nairobi Drinks agent. 


How is Rum made

Rum is a spirit that is made by distilling fermented sugarcane juices. The distillate is then aged in oak barrels.

Rum price in Kenya is dependent on the rum brand and the type of rum. Nairobi Drinks offers the best rum prices in Kenya and adds to that a great delivery service of the drinks.

Types of rum in Kenya include Spiced rum,  White rum, Dark rum, Black rum, Navy rum, Gold rum, Premium aged rum, 


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