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4th Street sweet rose-nairobidrinks
rose wine | 8%
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4th street rose' cask-nairobidrinks
rose wine | 8%
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arbormist white zinfandel strawberry-nairobidrinks
rose wine | 6%
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namaqua sweet rose cask-nairobidrinks
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leleshwa rose-nairobidrinks
rose wine | 8%
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nederburg rose-nairobidrinks
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overmeer sweet rose cask-nairobidrinks
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# Brand Country of Origin
  4th Street South Africa
  Four Cousins South Africa
  Asconi Moldova
  Overmeer South Africa
  Namaqua South Africa
  Drostdy Hof South Africa
  Cellar Cask South Africa
  Frontera Chile
  Nederburg South Africa
  Gato Negro Chile
  Robertson Winery South Africa
  KWV Wine South Africa
  Nobile Wines Germany
  Non Alcoholic Wine South Africa
  Prosecco Italy
  Altar Wine France
  Ama la vida Scotland
  Mara South Africa
  Martini Italy
  Tilia Argentina
  Versus South Africa
  Casillero Del Diablo Chile
  Culemborg South Africa
  Upper valley South Africa
  Mamma mia Italy
  Leleshwa Kenya
  Black tower Germany
  Carlo Rossi United States
  Chamdor South Africa
  Orange River Cellars South Africa
  Mateus Portugal
  Caprice South Africa
  Tall Horse South Africa
  JP Chenet Wine France
  Fragolino Italy
  Louis Montfort France
  Cockburns Portugal
  Sandeman Portugal
  Porto Cruz Portugal
  Obikwa South Africa
  Bird & Bees Argentina
  Simonsig South Africa
  Arbor Mist United States
  Kenwood United States
  Yealand New Zealand
  Torti Italy
  Zonin Italy
  Bellingham South Africa
  Boschendal South Africa
  Hardys Australia
  Saint Anna South Africa
  Vina Lastra France
  Lambrusco Italy
  Lambrusco Italy
  Saint Celine South Africa
  Pure Heaven India
  Royalty Belgium
  Penasol South Africa
  Cinzano Italy
  Graham's Portugal
  Taylor's Portugal
  Offley Portugal
  Pierre Marcel France
  Lamothe Parrot France
  Cavatina Italy
  Bacio Della Luna Italy
  Pederiva Italy
  Bottega Italy
  Amor South Africa
  Canti Italy
  Sensi Italy
  Tommassi Italy
  Tio Pepe Spain
  Liquid Gold Italy
  Casal mendes Portugal
  Trumpeter Argentina
  Catena Argentina
  Trivento Tribu Argentina
  Cadet Doc France
  Cloud Bay New Zealand
  Jacob's Creek Australia
  Oyster Bay New Zealand
  Sileni New Zealand
  El Chivo Chile
  Mouton Cadet France
  B&G France
  Black Bird South Africa
  Terra Linda Spain
  Veuve De Vernay France
  Franschhoek South Africa
  Borgofulvia Italy
  Andre United States
  Georges Duboeuf Fleurie France
  Durbanville Hills South Africa
  Great Five South Africa
  Van Loveren South Africa
  Castello Italy
  Waterford South Africa
  Campo Viejo Spain
  Gran Verano Chile
  Terra Argenta Argentina
  Japanese Sake Japan
  Rib Shack South Africa
  Carpano Italy
  Fisu Japan
  Punt E mes Italy
  Sunkissed Wine South Africa
  Dile Italy
  Steen Wine South Africa
  Moscatel De Setubal Portugal
  The Cloud Factory New Zealand
  Madere Portugal
  Kuromatsu Japan
  Valdo Wine Italy
  Signore Giuseppe Italy
  Rendez vous France
  Rupert And Rothschild South Africa
  Baron Philippe De Rothschild France
  Sherry wines Spain

Buy Rose wines Online In Nairobi

Rose wine is a category of wine just like red wines, white wines, dessert wines, fortified wines and sparkling wines. Rose wines have a pink colour and range from naturally sweet to crisp dry. The name ‘rose’ is got from French meaning ‘pinkish colour’. Rose are versatile wines hence can be combined with various types of food and can be drunk anytime and anywhere regardless of the season. In general, red wines are heavy wines, white wines are light wines and rose wines are medium wines ranking in between red and white wines. Rose wines are great partners for picnics especially if you don’t like white wines because they are much lighter and goes down easily and also, they do well for lunch when taking a great meal for which red wine will be too heavy and white wine will be too light.

Difference Between Rose Wines and Red Wines.

The two wines are made from the same grapes but red wines are dark red while the rose wines have a pink glow. The difference in colour is achieved by fermenting the red wines with their skins for a longer time while on the rose wines have their skin removed before fermentation or fermented with the skins for a shorter period of time. Removing the skin before fermentation or after a shorter fermentation period in rose wines significantly reduces the tannins concentration hence making rose wines more palatable by making them less bitter and low on alcoholic percentage. The high concentration of tannins in red wines gives them a heavier taste in the mouth while the rose wines are slightly lighter.


Rose wines lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol in the body.

Rose wines helps in reducing heart diseases, stroke and heart attack.

Rose wines lowers the chances of getting cancer.

Rose wines lowers the blood pressure due to their concentration of potassium.

Rose wines have lower calories levels.


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