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4th Street sweet rose

750 ml: KES 1800.00

1.5 litres: KES 2000.00


500 ml: KES 250.00

courvoisier vsop

750 ml: KES 6000.00

1 litre: KES 6500.00

jack daniels honey

750 ml: KES 4000.00

1 litre: KES 4500.00

baileys irish cream

750 ml: KES 2400.00

1 litre: KES 2800.00

chivas 12 years

750 ml: KES 3500.00

1 litre: KES 4000.00

glenfiddich 12 years

750 ml: KES 4500.00

1 litre: KES 4800.00

glenfiddich 15 years

750 ml: KES 4800.00

1 litre: KES 6000.00

jack daniel's old No. 7

1 litre: KES 3500.00

750 ml: KES 3000.00

woodford reserve

1 litre: KES 5500.00

700 ml: KES 5000.00

smirnoff vodka red

750 ml: KES 1800.00

1 litre: KES 2000.00

captain morgan spiced

750 ml: KES 2000.00

1 litre: KES 2200.00

ciroc snap frost

750 ml: KES 4500.00

1 litre: KES 4500.00

cellar cask red sweet cask

2 litres: KES 2200.00

5 litres: KES 3500.00


750 ml: KES 2300.00

1 litre: KES 2500.00

famous grouse

750 ml: KES 2100.00

1 litre: KES 2400.00

glenlivet 18 years

750 ml: KES 11000.00

1 litre: KES 14000.00


750 ml: KES 5000.00

glen silvers

750 ml: KES 2500.00

oban 14 years

750 ml: KES 8000.00

meukow xpresso

750 ml: KES 4000.00

zappa white

750 ml: KES 1700.00

zappa red

750 ml: KES 1700.00

teeling whiskey

750 ml: KES 3000.00

cutty sark

750 ml: KES 2000.00

makers mark 46

700 ml: KES 7000.00

meukow vsop

1 litre: KES 4500.00

jack daniel's tennessee fire

750 ml: KES 4500.00

1 litre: KES 5000.00

jim beam apple

750 ml: KES 3500.00

jim beam honey

750 ml: KES 3500.00

ponchos blanco

750 ml: KES 4000.00

jura 10 years

750 ml: KES 8000.00

fragolino rose

750 ml: KES 2000.00

suntory whisky

750 ml: KES 10000.00

cockburns fine tawny

1 litre: KES 3000.00

750 ml: KES 2800.00

sandeman ruby porto

1 litre: KES 3000.00

750 ml: KES 2800.00

porto cruz tawny

1 litre: KES 3000.00

750 ml: KES 2800.00

belaire gold

750 ml: KES 7000.00


330 ml: KES 300.00

monkey shoulder

750 ml: KES 4000.00

1 litre: KES 4500.00

chivas 25 years

750 ml: KES 35000.00


monkey shoulder

KES 4500.00

KES 4000.00

johnnie walker double black

KES 5500.00

KES 4800.00

jack daniel's old No. 7

KES 4000.00

KES 3500.00

hennessy vs

KES 5500.00

KES 4500.00

glenfiddich 21 years

KES 30000.00

KES 26000.00

glenfiddich 18 years

KES 7800.00

KES 7500.00

glenfiddich 15 years

KES 6500.00

KES 5600.00

asconi pastoral

KES 2000.00

KES 1500.00


The Great American Bourbon Family

Jack Daniel No. 7, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel Silver Select, Jack Daniel Single Barrel


The award winning Whiskey

It is the market-leading scotch whisky 12 years and above in Europe and Asia Pacific. Chivas Regal sales grew by 61% between 2002 and 2008.


World Famous Products

Red Label, Black Label, Double Black, Blue Label, Green Label, Gold Label Reserve, Platinum Label

Drinks delivery Nairobi

How awesome is it to hear a knock on your front door and being greeted by a bottle of wine or whiskey? What’s better than ordering a drink but before you take a shower, the drinks delivery is already there? Well, with the current boom in technology leading to mushrooming online liquor store in Nairobi , drinks delivery in Kenya is becoming common. The most important question is, how you choose the right alcohol delivery services in Kenya ? By saying right, we mean the most reliable and efficient drinks delivery services. 

Imagine you friends surprises you for dinner and then you realize that one important thing (if not the most important thing) is lacking in your house: the alcohol. It may not look like a great deal, but when you do the calculation of driving to the nearest liquor store and if you are not fortunate enough, taking a bus, it definitely gives you a headache. Having been in Nairobi for more than a decade now, I can promise you that traffic jam is real. It may take you at least two hours to maneuver the traffic and manage to take your drinks home. What is more annoying? When you find out that your nearest store doesn’t have exactly what you want and the available options are probably double or triple the normal price. 

So, What will you do? You just guessed it --- go for Nairobi Drinks. The million dollar question is how to distinguish the best drinks delivery services in the clouded market. 

There are so many benefits of ordering drinks online as you get everything from liquor, wine , beer , mixers, alcohol gifts and party cups. The following are major reasons as to why you should consider Nairobi Drinks delivery as compared to other online liquor store in Nairobi.

Free Alcohol Delivery Nairobi

Nairobi Drinks offers free drinks delivery services in Nairobi and its environs. Other liquor stores normally charges the client an average of Ksh 300 on every delivery. To justify this tricks aimed at increasing the price, they claim it equal or even less the amount of money you would have used in transit from your house to the nearest store. Be considerate of the harsh economy, we offer free alcohol delivery in Kenya to ensure that our prices remains as low as possible to enable even people with low purchasing power have a chance of enjoying the experience that comes with online liquor delivery in Nairobi .

Fast Drinks Delivery in Kenya

Being aware of the heavy traffic in the city, Nairobi Drinks uses a fleet of motorbikes to execute its deliveries. We have experienced riders with vast knowledge of Nairobi county and it is our policy to dispatch orders within 5 minutes of it being placed. At the same time, our riders uses Google maps to locate exactly where the client is. This becomes much better when the client drops us a pin. To ensure that the most awaited knock at the door is heard in 30 minutes or less, Nairobi Drinks’ riders uses blue-tooth connectivity to communicate with the client. This is to inform of the delivery progress and also inquire for more directions without having to make a stop to make or receive a call. The benefits of this is to enable the client to track their delivery and also giving them the flexibility to change the delivery location if the need be.

Extended Liquor Delivery Service Time

Due to demand by the clients, Nairobi Drinks have extended its operational time to midnight from 10pm. We open from 8am to 12am in all days of the week except on Sundays when we open at 10pm and close at 10pm. We are looking forward to achieve a 24 hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi. This grants all our clients the freedom to access our services like whiskey delivery Nairobi, wine delivery in Nairobi etc at their own convenience whenever they feel like having a drink. We have a huge collection of whisky brands in Kenya, wine brands and we are only liquors store you will get the best and discounted prices.

Wider Varieties of Brands Available both local and foreign stock

Nairobi Drinks have really invested time in ensuring the we have liquors, beers, wines and mixers from all parts of the world. How cool is that? You need it We have got it. Are you looking for that unique bottle of whisky or wine? That premium edition with exclusive bottling? Then you have just landed in the best online liquor store in Kenya. Visit our website www.nairobidrinks.co.ke to view well categorized drinks that will give you and easy time to locate exactly what you want. To make it even much better, we have a real time search the will help you in suggestion of the drink that you could be looking for. To make it more clear, Nairobi Drinks have described all the drinks in terms of taste and the flavors to help the new clients to make informed decisions. Dial a drink Kenya today to discover the world of alcohol that goes beyond eabl drinks delivery that offers only the common liqours.

When you Buy drinks online it is cost effective

We give discounted prices on our alcohol brands. The discounted prices comes in mostly when a particular drink is on promotion, there is a holiday, a festive season or just appreciation of our loyal clients and our new clients. We also give discounts on huge order for parties, events, ceremonies … Just dial a drink today and save the transport cost to the local liquor store which could be in terms of fuel or fare. On purchasing liquor online it means you can get you favourite bottle without visiting the liquor store, therefore, you save time and money.

Varieties of alcohol ordering methods

Nairobi Drinks gives various ordering methods. Unlike other online liquor stores in Kenya , Nairobi Drinks is based on current technology and understands that clients appreciates different means of shopping online. It is on this course that we have provided WhatsApp, text message, call, shopping cart, email, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Regardless of whichever means of ordering you prefer to use, you are guaranteed that someone will get back to you immediately to enquire for more information and dispatch your order immediately. This ensures we get the right directions to your house, work place or even where the event or ceremony is taking place. This helps in our fast drinks delivery to your door. Our contact lines are as follows:

Call, Text Message, Whatsapp: 0714798820

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nairobidrinks/, 

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/nairobidrinks/,

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nairobidrinks/,

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/collections/0tuRNE/

Email: orders@nairobidrinks.co.ke, nairobidrinks@gmail.com

Website: www.nairobidrinks.com

Online Liquor Store offers comparison shopping

When ordering alcohol online you are presented with a chance to get more information of the drinks that you are buying. This is unlike the local liquor shops that only give you only drinks. Online drinks are grouped according to their respective categories and whenever you select a particular drinks you are advised on the related drinks. This is more important to those clients who don’t have much information of the drinks they are purchasing. The advantage of comparison shopping is that it helps you in making informed decisions on the drink that you are buying depending on your guests or the person that your are gifting to.

Dial a drink services are more Convenient

Do you have friends over and you need drinks? Just arrived home and then discovered you liquor cabinet is empty? Holding a function and you need some booze delivery services? In all these scenarios, online liquor delivery services come in hand as they offer home delivery. Sometimes back, people only knew of eabl drinks delivery as the only online liquor store in Kenya but now things are slowly changing and online liquor stores are so many. Drinks delivery services are very convenient since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to get some bottles. Should you visit your nearest liquor store instead, several things are bound to happen. First, it will be more expensive due to the cost incurred in terms of transport and exaggerated prices at the liquor store. Secondly, you will use more time as you go through the heavy traffic to the store and back. More time will also be wasted trying to locate your specific bottles from different shelves and then queuing to be checked out. Thirdly, there there is a chance that you might not get preferred drinks hence you are forced to drink what is available. Finally, don’t forget the risk of breaking the drinks as you ferry your them home.  Nairobi Drinks stands out in the clouded business due to its fast delivery services that even goes below 15 minutes. Nairobi Drinks offer original drinks and with a huge variety from all corners of the world. This is to ensure that you get exactly what you want to enjoy drinking at cheaper cost and a fast delivery time that will even surprise you visitors and if you are alone, the surprise will still be there but that will be to your thirsty throat. Try Nairobi Drinks services today and enjoy the amazing experience.

Alcohol Delivery Kenya is Economical

In comparison with local liquor stores, online liquor stores are more economical in terms of time that would have been wasted to the liquor store and back. Alcohol delivery Nairobi saves cost that would have been incurred in transportation and exploitation due to sky-rocketing prices lead by monopolistic business in a given area. When your order your drinks from best online liquor store in Kenya, Nairobi Drinks, you save time and money and always have an assurance of what you order is what you get. Call us today or place your order through our numerous means of ordering and enjoy fast drinks delivery Nairobi and super discounted prices that are worth a smile. We give free alcohol delivery in Nairobi and all its environs and also gift our loyal clients with a bottle of wine or their preferred type of alcohol to show appreciation of their support.

Numerous Payment Methods

With the evolution of technology, Nairobi Drinks has introduced various means of payment to ensure that everyone is sorted. Initially we used to have COD (cash-on-delivery) and MPESA as the only means of payment. These are still main methods but now you can enjoy paying via AIRTEL MONEY, credit card, debit card, bank transfer and bank cheques. To give more flexibility, payments can be done before delivery or on delivery. On wholesale orders, we take all the above payments methods but the first delivery must be paid cash or mpesa to establish credibility and reliability. Now that payment is a barrier no more, what would you like to order? Place your order now and wait for a knock on your door within 30 minutes. We are in digital age, so lets enjoy online drinks delivery in Kenya.

Alcohol gift delivery in Kenya

Just remembered someone’s birthday very late? Invited for a function but time can’t allow you to attend? Want to appreciate your special person in a special way? Want to congratulate you friend or colleague for a particular achievement? Then worry no more because Nairobi Drinks got your back. We deliver drinks wrapped well according to your instructions. We also delivery cards along with the gift drink to emphasize the purpose of the gift. To ensure the gift has been wrapped well and card is written what you want, we always take a picture and send to you before deliver the drink to the recipient. To request for this services, contact Nairobi Drinks from our various contact lines and we will expound more on what we do and what to expect. 

In conclusion, Nairobi Drinks is the more reliable, convenient and quality guaranteed online liquor store in Kenya. We focus on three pillars of FAST alcohol delivery, FREE drinks delivery and DISCOUNTED prices. We offer wide variety of drinks to ensure you always get exactly what you want. We even go further to bring new drinks at discounted prices. 

Benefits of Alcohol Delivery Nairobi

Do you really know the advantages of alcohol delivery Nairobi? Are you planning to toss a party in your house? Should you buy alcohol locally or in a supermarket, you will have to drive to the nearby liquor store and struggle to find all the drinks that you want and then queue to be checked out. That may not be the only worry. How about ferrying those drinks home? Don't also forget there still the risk of the bottles breaking as you ferry them.

The benefits of alcohol delivery Nairobi includes but not limited to the following:

Buying drinks online is economical

You place your drinks delivery order from the comfort of your home and in less than 30 minutes you will have your alcohol delivered at your doorstep. This saves you a number of struggles: The fuel you would have used to the liquor store and back and being overcharged for your drinks at the local wines and spirits shop due to VAT.

When you buy alcohol online in Kenya from the most reliable drinks delivery Nairobi like Nairobi Drinks, it's much cheaper and faster. You don't have to leave your house to enjoy your drink. This saves you energy, time and some other extra cost that you would have incurred.

Online alcohol delivery is more convenient

According to the research done by Apnest – Digital Marketing and web development company in Kenya, the major reasons why people Dial a Drink Kenya are; wider selection, comparison-shopping, quality drinks, great reviews and convenience in shopping. With advent of internet which has made life much easier, you can dial a drink Nairobi at any time provided you have internet connectivity. This saves you the inconveniences of the weather, time, extra cost etc. All you have to do is search for alcohol delivery Nairobi and choose the best online liquor store Kenya and enjoy the reliability of drinks delivery Kenya. Order for drinks delivery in Nairobi today and all your worries will be shouldered for you leaving only your favorite cold bottle to enjoy. Ordering for Drinks Delivery in Nairobi saves you time

Time that could have been wasted in driving to the liquor store, the time-consuming traffic, the struggle to locate every drink that you want to buy and time that could have been used in queuing to be checked out. This leaves you with ample time to mingle with your guests as you wait for a knock at the door to receive your delivery. This gives you a huge advantage in comparison to the local wines and spirits which most of the time they don’t stock exactly what you want to drink that particular day.

Online Drinks Delivery offers More Alcohol Varieties

Unlike the local wines and spirits shop, online drinks delivery in Kenya comes with lots of varieties that you might be interested in. Most of the local liquors and beer shops shelve the same drinks all through. Sometimes you might walk to an alcohol shop and start wondering which bottle will suit you best. Nairobi Drinks solves that problem by giving expert advice on all drinks to make your event a success. This makes buying liquor in Nairobi much fun just like drinking it. If the drink you want is out of stock they will tell you immediately and give you the other options available instead of you driving for long only to find your favorite bottle is out of stock. The amazing thing with Nairobi Drinks is that we have everyone covered in terms of everything….I mean beer delivery, whisky delivery, wine delivery, Vodka delivery, tequila delivery and more other varieties. Visit our website to get more incites www.nairobidrinks.co.ke Online liquor store in Kenya gives you huge Offers

When you are royal customer of Nairobi drinks, we will be notifying you when there are offers on particular drinks. This way, you will spend less for more bottles. Nairobi Drinks always give offers and promotions from time to time on various drinks and more so give t-shirts and caps to the loyal clients and free drinks at surprise to our customers at random. Let the good times never end. Cheers!

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