Non-alcoholic wines in Kenya

# Brand Country of Origin
1 KWV Brandy South Africa
2 Viceroy South Africa
3 JP Chenet Brandy France
4 Don Montego Moldova
5 Bardinet France
6 Three Barrels France
7 Richot Italy
8 Kyron Brandy India
9 Napoleon France
10 St Remy France
11 Torres Spain
12 Chabot France
13 Cles de Ducs France
14 Janneau France
15 Metaxa Greece
16 Grappa Italy
17 Schladerer Germany
18 Berneroy France
19 Fundador Brandy Spain

Non-alcoholic wines in Kenya. These are wines that have zero alcohol percentage making them suitable to be drunk by everyone including kids. Most these wines are used in christian wedding ceremonies and other related church events although they can be enjoyed alone at home. Going by the fact they are mostly used in events, they are made to sparkle so they can pop during celebrations. Order non-alcoholic wine today and be set to enjoy wine delivery Nairobi from Nairobi Drinks

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