Irish Whiskey Brands & Their Prices In Kenya

# Brand Country of Origin
1 Jack Daniels United States
2 Glenfiddich Scotland
3 Glenlivet Scotland
4 Glenmorangie Scotland
5 Johnnie Walker Scotland
6 Chivas Regal Scotland
7 Singleton Scotland
8 Jameson Ireland
9 Jim Beam United States
10 Ballantines Scotland
11 Famous Grouse Scotland
12 Macallan Scotland
13 Jura Scotland
14 Talisker Scotland
15 Auchetoshan Scotland
16 Aberlour Scotland
17 Balvenie Scotland
18 Caol Ila Scotland
19 Laphroaig Scotland
20 Grant's Scotland
21 Black & White Scotland
22 Passport Scotch Scotland
23 Cardhu Scotland
24 Yamazaki Japan
25 Cragganmore Scotland
26 Highland Park Scotland
27 Lagavulin Scotland
28 Glenrothes Scotland
29 Ardmore Scotland
30 Dalwhinnie Scotland
31 Oban Scotland
32 Bowmore Scotland
33 Maker's Mark United States
34 Virginia Black United States
35 Wild Turkey United States
36 Cutty Sark Scotland
37 Dewar's Scotland
38 Best Whisky Scotland
39 Bond 7 Scotland
40 Glenkinchie Scotland
41 Teacher's Scotland
42 VAT 69 Scotland
43 Whyte & Mackay Scotland
44 Woodford Reserve United States
45 Tullamore Ireland
46 William Lawson Scotland
47 Nikka Japan
48 Hakushu Japan
49 Hibiki Japan
50 Chita Japan
51 Iwai Japan
52 Suntory Japan
53 Monkey Shoulder United States
54 Canadian Club Canada
55 Teeling Whiskey Ireland
56 Powers Ireland
57 Bushmills Ireland
58 Dimple Scotland
59 GlenGrant Scotland
60 Glen Silvers Scotland
61 Knob Creek United States
62 Benchmark United States
63 Four Roses United States
64 Ardbeg Scotland
65 Aberfeldy Scotland
66 Bulleit Bourbon United States
67 Dalmore Scotland
68 Glengoyne Scotland
69 Crown Royal Canada
70 Sir Edwards Scotland
71 Bruichladdich Scotland
72 Scapa Scotland
73 Kamiki Japan
74 Rampur India
75 Harrington Scotland
76 Buffalo Trace United States
77 Eagle Rare Bourbon United States
78 Smokehead Scotland
79 Omar Taiwan
80 Old Smuggler Scotland
81 Marshall's United States
82 Glen Turner Scotland
83 Glencadam Scotland
84 Old Pulteney Scotland
85 Speyburn Scotland
86 Grand Old Parr Scotland
87 Paddy Ireland
88 Bunnahabhain Scotland
89 Sazerac United States
90 Amrut India
91 Clynelish Scotland
92 Gold Bar United States
93 Mars maltage Japan
94 Kurayoshi Japan
95 Connemara Ireland
96 Early Times United States
97 Lombard Scotland
98 Compass Box Scotland
99 Glen Deveron Scotland
100 Shackleton Malt Scotland
101 Miyagikyo Japan
102 Glen Moray Scotland
103 Blantons United States
104 Ledaig Scotland
105 Copper Dog Scotland
106 Sexton Ireland
107 Akashi Japan
108 Islay Scotland
109 White Horse Scotland
110 Claymore Scotland
111 Taylor United States
112 1792 Bourbon United States
113 Willett Pot Still United States
114 Glenfarclas Scotland
115 Tullibardine Scotland
116 Wild Geese Ireland
117 Tomintoul Scotland
118 Kirin Fuji Sanroku Japan
119 Buchanans Scotland
120 Knockado Scotland
121 Bells Scotland
122 West Cork Ireland
123 Lauders Scotland
124 Mortlach Scotland
125 Midleton Ireland
126 Scottish Leader Scotland
127 Scots Gold Scotland
128 John Barr Scotland
129 Canmore Scotland
130 J&B Scotland
131 Strathisla Scotland
132 Aultmore Scotland
133 John Bannerman Scotland
134 Green Spot Ireland
135 Kura Japan

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is whiskey that is made in Ireland. The country claims to be the first one to produce whiskey though Scotland claims they are the first one too. Irish whiskey is among the best whiskey in the world and the most popular whiskey drinks in Kenya. The direct competitor of Irish whiskey are scotch whisky. There is a huge difference between the two. They are both made from either malted grains or un-malted grains. In the case of malted grains, Irish whiskey have the grains moistened to start germination which converts starch sugar but it is then stopped by drying the grains in a kiln where no smoke is let to come into contact with the grains. On the hand, scotch whisky have the grains dried by smoke from turf or peat fires. This explains why the Irish whiskey don’t have a smoky or peaty taste and smell like the one found in scotch whisky.

Just like the other whiskies, the grains are mashed and heated water is added to create a sugary soup. Few hours later, liquid is let cool and it is then filtered and drained to create a liquid called wort. Yeast is added to the wort making it froth and bubble as the sugars are converted into alcohol. This process takes around 2 to 3 days after which the frothing dies leaving beer like liquid called wash. This liquid, which has around 8% ABV, is then distilled twice or thrice over copper pot still or continuous pot still creating a vodka clear like liquid that is around 85% ABV. To maintain consistency in terms of flavours and character, only the centre part of the first distillation process is used for the second and third distillation process. The head and tail of the first distillation are recirculated back. This clear liquid is then diluted to 65% ABV by adding pure water and aged in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years. The aging process could go to a maximum of 20 years. The type of wood barrels and their previous use determines the flavours, colour, taste and smell of the Irish whiskey. Before being bottled for distribution and sale, the Irish whiskey is then diluted again by adding pure water to 40% ABV which is the recommended drinking strength of Irish whiskey. However, some Irish whiskey are bottled at 50% ABV or 60% ABV. These whiskeys are called cask strength Irish whiskey. They are expensive in price and are only meant for the experienced drinkers. Those Irish whiskeys that are made from one pot are called Single Pot Irish whiskey.

Jameson whiskey is among Irish whiskeys in Kenya. It is so popular and has a family of other whiskey brands making it be among the most popular types of whiskey in Kenya. Due to the popularity of Jameson, there is a misconception that Jameson whiskey brands are the only Irish whiskey. Are you looking for Jameson drinks or Jameson price in Kenya? Visit our online liquor store to find the best whiskey at the most competitive Kenya wines and spirits prices.

Best Irish whiskey Brands in Kenya and Their Prices

  • Jameson 1 litre @ Ksh 2,500
  • Jameson 750ml @ Ksh 2,300
  • Jameson Crested 750ml @ Ksh 5,000
  • Jameson Distiller’s Safe 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  • Jameson Cooper’s Croze 750ml@ Ksh 6,000
  • Jameson Blender’s Dog 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  • Jameson Caskmates 750ml @ Ksh 3,500
  • Jameson Black Barrel 750ml @ Ksh 5,200
  • Jameson Select Reserve 750ml @ Ksh 7,200
  • Tullamore Dew 1 litre @ Ksh 2,600
  • Tullamore Dew 750ml @ Ksh 3,000
  • Teeling Whiskey Single Malt 750ml @ Ksh 3,000
  • Teeling Whiskey Small Batch 750ml @ Ksh 3,000
  • Powers Gold Label 1 litre @ Ksh 3,800
  • Bushmills Original 1 litre @ Ksh 5,000

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