Gin brands & prices in Kenya

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# Brand Country of Origin
 1   Gilbey's United Kingdom
 2   Beefeater United Kingdom
 3   Bombay United Kingdom
 4   Hendrick's Gin Scotland
 5   Tanqueray United Kingdom
 6   Seagram's Gin Canada
 7   Gordon's United Kingdom
 8   New Amsterdam United States
 9   Bulldog United Kingdom
 10   6th Sense United Kingdom
 11   The Botanist Scotland
 12   Musgrave South Africa
 13   The Lakes United Kingdom
 14   Stretton's South Africa
 15   Cruxland South Africa
 16   Liverpool United Kingdom
 17   Plymouth United Kingdom
 18   Monkey 47 Germany
 19   Gin Mare Spain
 20   Elephant Gin Germany
 21   No.3 Gin United Kingdom
 22   Tann's Gin Spain
 23   Kozue Japan
 24   Citrum France
 25   Mistral France
 26   Inverroche South Africa
 27   Colombian Colombia
 28   Colombo Colombia
 29   Blackwood United Kingdom
 30   Bluecoat United States
 31   Brockman's United Kingdom
 32   Whitley United Kingdom
 33   Colombian Aged Colombia
 34   Mermaid United Kingdom
 35   Edinburgh Scotland
 36   Four Pillars Gin Australia
 37   Aviation gin United States
 38   London Hill United Kingdom
 39   Brooklyn Gin United States
 40   Haymans OldTom United Kingdom
 41   Roku Japan
 42   Larios Spain
 43   Imperiale Rocca Italy
 44   Blurry Moon France
 45   No 209 Barrel United States
 46   Botanic United Kingdom
 47   Silent pool United Kingdom
 48   Hop Eden Scotland
 49   Brokers United Kingdom
 50   Only Gin Spain
 51   Kokoro Japan
 52   Pink 47 United Kingdom
 53   Christopher Wren United Kingdom
 54   Alkemist Spain
 55   Junipero United States
 56   Opihr United Kingdom
 57   Kinross Spain
 58   Ungava Canada
 59   Gibsons United Kingdom
 60   The East India United Kingdom
 61   Pienaar & Son Empire South Africa
 62   Hope Of Hopkins South Africa
 63   Chelsea Royal United Kingdom
 64   Bloom United Kingdom
 65   A Mari South Africa
 66   Jaisalmer India
 67   Wilderer South Africa
 68   The Botanical's United Kingdom
 69   Blue bottle United Kingdom
 70   Etsu Japan
 71   Generous France
 72   Wildcat Gin United Kingdom
 73   Six Dogs South Africa
 74   Unit 43 South Africa
 75   Lordson France
 76   Harmony South Africa
 77   Malfy Italy
 78   Bloedlemoen South Africa
 79   Sakurao Japan
 80   Greenall's United Kingdom
 81   Mad Chimp United Kingdom
 82   Kensington United Kingdom
 83   Mary le Bone United Kingdom
 84   Monks South Africa
 85   Thomas Dakin United Kingdom
 86   Antidote United Kingdom
 87   Gun Powder Ireland
 88   Sipsmith United Kingdom
 89   Solo aviator South Africa
 90   Victoria's stag South Africa
 91   Howling owl South Africa

Gin Delivery Nairobi

Gin is a clear distilled spirit that originated in London. To produce gin, the spirit must be re-distilled with juniper berries. Visit Nairobi Drinks for the best gin brands in Kenya. We offer the most discounted gin prices in Kenya

Gin is according to many sources a clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and is flavored with juniper berries. Gin has a very distinctive herbal taste. Gin can be bought online in Kenya for home, office, and to any locations from the best online liquor store, Nairobi Drinks. Enjoy the best gin price for all types of gin available in Kenya. 24-hour gin delivery Nairobi in under 30 minutes to your location.

Can I buy gin online?

You can buy gin online in Kenya from the best online wines and spirits at amazing discounted alcohol prices. There are many types of gin available in Kenya and from different parts of the world. Most of the gin brands in Kenya are from the United Kingdom. There is also a variety of Japanese gin, South African gin, Scotland gin, Canadian gin, and many more like German gin and French gin.

The major gin categories available for purchase online in Kenya are listed below.
Types of gin in Kenya:
    1. London Dry gin.
London dry gin is a style of making gin. This means that London dry gin must not necessarily be from London. It can be made from other parts of the world.
London Dry gin is made by distilling natural botanicals using neutral alcohol of 96% abv. After distillation, only water may be added to the distillate.
London Dry gins have a minimum potency of 37.5%
Some of the best London Dry gin types to order in Kenya include Tanqueray, Beefeater, and Bombay.

    2. Flavored gin.
Flavored gin is a style of gin making that involves adding a signature botanical of choice after the basic juniper flavor that is compulsory for all gin brands. There are many types of flavored gin available in Kenya. Available flavored gin online in Kenya include Beefeater pink gin, Liverpool gin, Tanqueray Sevilla gin, Whitley Neill gin among others. You may order all flavored gin types online in Kenya at discounted gin prices. Call 0714798820 to order all gin brands delivery Nairobi.

    3. International style gin.
This is the most recent style of gin-making. It uses a different type of distillation than other gin. This gin uses different flavors too from juniper berries.
Examples of international style gin available in Kenya include Musgrave gin, Hendricks gin, Gin Mare gin, and much more gin. You can order international style gin online from the best online wines and spirits and enjoy free home and office gin delivery.

    4. Plymouth gin.
This is a style of gin that must be produced in the Plymouth region of England. Plymouth closely resembles the London Dry gin but the uniqueness is that it is earthier and drier. Moreover, Plymouth is sweeter and has more citrus flavors. The botanical ingredients in Plymouth gin are cardamon, coriander seed, orris roots, dried orange peels, juniper, and the Angelica root. The roots are responsible for the earthier notes of the Plymouth gin.
Available Plymouth types in Kenya include Plymouth Sloe gin, Plymouth navy strength gin, and Dictador premium Colombian aged gin Orthodoxy.

    5. Sloe gin.
Sloe gin is basically a red British liqueur made of gin and sloes. The potency of Sloe gin is between 15 – 30 % abv. There are many Sloe gin brands available online in Kenya for home and office alcohol delivery. Order sloe gin delivery now on 0714798820.
Sloe gin types in Kenya include The Lakes Sloe gin available at a discounted price of 6499 and free delivery.
Order all Sloe gin brands online by simply dialing a drink. Nairobi Drinks, you dial, we deliver.
    6. Japanese gin.
Japanese gin is mainly made from rice, barley, or corn-based neutral grain derived from shochu or whisky production, a new wave of distillers using everything from sweet potato to sugarcane. Kenya is a major importer of Japanese gin and there is a vast collection of available Japanese gin brands in Kenya. Examples of Japanese gin types in Kenya are Roku gin, Kozue gin, Etsu gin, Kokoro gin, and Sakurao gin.
Order all Japanese gin delivery in Nairobi and receive your alcohol delivery in a matter of minutes. Call 0714798820 to order Japanese gin delivery for home and office drinks delivery.

The place to order all gin delivery at the best gin prices in Kenya. Common top picks for gin in Kenya include Gilbeys gin, Hendricks gin, Gordon's gin, Tanqueray gin, and Japanese Roku gin. Order 24-hour gin delivery.

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