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Wines are among the major category of alcoholic drinks. These popular drinks are made from the fermentation of grape juice. The grapes used and the method of production utilized determine the types of wines that will be produced. Also, wine prices in Kenya are determined by the same factors in addition to the country of production. Therefore, it is true to say that the types of wines and the prices have a direct relationship with the types of grapes and method of production. Wines in Kenya are subdivided into the following types;


Types Of Wines In Kenya


Wines In Kenya

Nairobi Drinks stocks a wide variety of wines from all corners of the world to conquer your thirst. At the same time, we understand that people have different financial capabilities hence we don’t charge delivery besides offering discounted wine prices in Kenya. Visit our online wine store to do comparisons in terms of grapes used, prices, and alcohol percentage. On that note, I would love to clarify that wine prices are not directly related to the quality of the wine. At the same time, it is difficult to judge the quality of a wine because different people appreciate different tastes. Just to highlight, red wine types are good with pairing with food, white wines are good for refreshment, rose wines are good for picnics and excursion, sparkling wines and champagnes are great for celebrations and marking the important days, port wines and vermouth wines are good for cocktails while non-alcoholic wines are great for the diabetic people and religious people who don’t want to get intoxicated. One of the reasons why wines are among the most popular alcoholic drinks in Kenya is the fact that they can be drunk by anyone and they can be served on any given occasion. On special days and special occasions, it is common to see people give wine gifts in combination with flower delivery. To make a wine gift look more appealing, it is wrapped in gift paper and a card is attached to it with some information to indicate who sent it and the reason for sending it. Visit our website today to find out more about wine brands in Kenya.

In case you are running a local liquor store, you will benefit from highly discounted wines and spirits wholesale prices from the online wine shops in Kenya like Nairobi Drinks, Dial A Delivery, and Drinks Delivery Kenya. The above liquor stores are the most reliable wines and spirits distributors in Kenya as they stock the best wine in Kenya. Other stores worth mentioning include wines of the world. Just Google for wine delivery near me and you will have your favorite bottle of wine finding its way to your door.


Most Expensive Wines In Kenya

Some wines like champagnes, sparkling wines, and port wines are really expensive. Champagnes are expensive due to the tedious and cumbersome method of preparation which requires more time and great skills to produce a great bottle of wine. On the other hand, sparkling wines are more or less like champagnes. The difference between the two categories of wines is that champagne is a sparkling wine that is produced from the Champagne region in France and they must be made from only these three grapes; Chardonnay grapes, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. Also, champagnes utilises the traditional method of making champagnes (methode champenoise). Sparkling wines can use any of the three common methods of producing sparkling wines; Methode champenoise, bulk chamat, and bottle transfer. In order to improve the taste of sparkling wines, they are made by blending several inferior grapes. When we come to port wines, these are fortified wines that are produced in Portugal. They have an alcohol percentage of around 21 % which is achieved by adding a little brandy. Unlike other wines which finish their process with fermentation, port wines are also aged for even ten years to improve their quality and also increase their alcohol percentage. Most of the port wines are red wines though there a few white port wines too.


Wine Shops In Nairobi CBD

There are so many liquor stores in Nairobi CBD, however, most of them don’t offer alcohol delivery services. Among those wines and spirits that offer drink delivery, there are those that only offer delivery services to different areas at a scheduled time. This makes it difficult to order wine online from them when you have impromptu guests. There are also those alcohol shops that offer wine delivery Nairobi but are very slow in their deliveries hence they end up inconveniencing you and your guests. Another downside of online shopping is the limited options with some wine stores. Nairobi Drinks, an online liquor store, came in to offer flexibility in ordering, fast alcohol deliveries, and also to offer a wide variety of wines from all corners of the world. We also offer the best wine prices in Kenya in addition to flexible means of payment which includes cards, mobile money(MPESA till number), and cash on delivery.

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