Types of Brandy In Kenya and Their Prices

# Brand Country of Origin
 1   KWV Brandy South Africa
 2   Viceroy South Africa
 3   JP Chenet Brandy France
 4   Don Montego Moldova
 5   Bardinet France
 6   Three Barrels France
 7   Richot Italy
 8   Kyron Brandy India
 9   Napoleon France
 10   Torres Spain
 11   Chabot France
 12   Cles de Ducs France
 13   Janneau France

Brandy Delivery Nairobi

Brandy are distilled spirits that are made from fermentation of of fruit juices. The most common fruits used are apple grapes and pears. There is a little difference between cognac and brandy though people see them as the same. Brandy is any spirit that is made from fermentation of fruit juice while cognac are spirits that are made from fermentation of grape juice. The fact that cognac are made from grape juice makes them fit the definition of brandy. In simple terms, all cognacs are brandy but not all brandies are cognac. Cognacs are those brandies that are made from fermentation of grape juice in a particular region in France called Cognac but the other brandies can be prepared anywhere in the world. There are very strict rules as to how cognacs should be prepared and slight negation of these rules renders cognac to be regarded as normal brandy.

There are so many types of brandy in Kenya but Nairobi Drinks stocks all of them at the best brandy prices in Kenya.

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