Most expensive alcohol in Kenya

Most expensive alcohol in Kenya

Which drink are you taking today? Did you know that the bottle that goes down your throat says much about who you are? Some claim that the price of drinks is purely based on marketing strategy but I will differ with them. The more the quality of a drink, the more expensive it is. This is as a result of complex procedure like in the case of cognacs, brandy and champagnes, long ageing time like in the case of whiskies, high-quality grapes like in the case of wines and different flavours plus ageing like in the case of rum, vodkas, gins and tequilas. Are you looking for a great drink that is equal your financial capabilities? then Nairobi Drinks got your back? We have the most expensive alcohol in Kenya, most expensive whisky in Kenya and most expensive wine.


There has been a misconception that only whiskies are expensive but the reality is that all categories of drinks have their noble brands. Today we will be looking at the most expensive drinks in Kenya and their categories. If you are a wine enthusiast, you don’t have to take a different category of alcohol like whisky to appear noble to your mates. This is the same case to all other categories of alcohol. There is a caution though, some of the drinks are just expensive due to the marketing strategy. The better the branding of a particular alcohol brand, the more it attracted interest from many people and consequently the higher the price. This simply observes the demand and supply business law; the higher the demand the higher the price. 


Most expensive whiskys in Kenya

Whiskies are dark alcoholic drinks that are made from grains. The grains used in whisky production are rye, wheat, corn, malted barley and the non-malted barley. There are also different production process that is utilized in different countries which gives rise to seven most common whisky categories in Kenya;

  1. Single Malt whisky
  2. Blended Scotch Whisky
  3. Irish Whiskey
  4. Bourbon whiskey
  5. Tennessee whiskey
  6. Japanese Whisky
  7. Canadian Whisky
  8. Indian Whisky


The quality of whisky improves with age. The older the whisky the darker it is, the more concentrated it is and consequently the higher the price. The high prices are justified with the long aging time which leads to more evaporation hence a huge reduction in the volume of the whisky. Single malt whisky is believed to be the most quality whiskies because they are only blended with whiskies from the same distillery, unlike other whiskies which are blended with whiskies from different distilleries to add more flavours. Single distillery blending in single malt whiskies ensures the taste of those whiskies bears the trademark taste of that particular distillery. Something else that makes the whiskies expensive is the exclusive bottling. The following is the list of ten most expensive whiskies in Kenya starting with the most expensive going down.


  1. Macallan No. 6 @ KES 500,000
  2. Johnnie Walker & Sons Odyssey 700ml @ KES 150,000
  3. The Glenrothes John Ramsay 700ml @ KES 145,000
  4. Macallan Escuro 700ml @ KES 130,000
  5. Johnnie Walker & Sons Private Collection @ KES 80,000
  6. Johnnie Walker & Sons Blue Label King George V @ KES 75,000
  7. Glenfiddich 26 years 700ml @ KES 70,000
  8. Hibiki 17 years 700ml @ KES 59,999
  9. Glenlivet 25 years 700ml @ KES 40,000
  10. Macallan Rare Cask 700ml @ KES 40,000


Dial a whisky delivery Nairobi today to enjoy any of these noble drinks. Apart from these whiskies we also stock other classy whiskies aimed for normal occasions. Nairobi Drinks boosts as the one-stop whisky shop where all your whisky needs are sorted. Reach us for the best whisky brands in Kenya at the most discounted whisky prices in Kenya. 


Most Expensive Cognacs in Kenya

Cognacs are alcoholic drinks that are made from aging wine. What makes cognacs so special is their special selection of grapes and special production process which is very strict. The difference between cognacs and brandy is that cognacs must be grown in Cognac region of France and they are made from a special production method. If the production method is altered a little, then cognac are regarded as normal brandy. Cognacs have a unique way of naming their brands which is as follows;

VS – this means Very Special. Contains cognacs of 3 years minimum age.

VSOP – the means Very Superior Old Pale. Contains cognacs of 5 years minimum age.

XO- this means eXtra Old. Contains cognacs of 6 years minimum age.


The Cognacs XOs are the most expensive cognacs because they are the oldest. To make them even better they add cognacs of more than 100 years. They are the most expensive cognac brands in Kenya;


  1. Hennessy Paradis 700ml @ KES 250,000
  2. Camus Borderies XO 700ml @ KES 65,000
  3. Hennessy XO 700ml @ Ksh 28,000
  4. Remy Martin XO 700ml @ Ksh 24,000
  5. Martell XO 700ml @ Ksh 24,000
  6. camus XO 700ml @ Ksh 24,000
  7. courvoisier XO 700ml @ Ksh 24,000


Cognacs are regarded to be more classy than whiskies. To make it more clear, cognac will sell more than three times the price of a whisky bottle of the same age. This is attributed to the fact the cognacs are made from grapes while whiskies are made from grains. The other factor is that the production method cognacs is super complicated and very strict in comparison to the whiskies. Cognacs production companies know exactly their target market, hence the cognac bottles are shaped in a way that expresses power and class. Are you looking for cognac delivery Nairobi? Worry no more because Nairobi Drinks stock a wide variety of cognac that will suit you without being so harsh on your pocket.


Most Expensive Wines Brands in Kenya

 Champagnes are celebratory wines that are achieved by two fermentation processes. The second fermentation process is aimed at adding carbon dioxide to the wine to make sparkle. It is this carbon dioxide that brings about fizzing and popping when a champagne bottle is opened. The quality of champagne is determined by either that the size of the bubbles and if it’s vintage champagne or a non-vintage champagne. Vintage champagnes are those champagnes that utilise the grapes that are grown in a particular year only while the non-vintage champagnes uses any grapes as long as those grapes are grown in Champagne region of France. The three grapes that are used in the production of champagne are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. The high-quality champagne has finer mousses. There three methods used to produce champagne as follows; methode champenoise, bulk chamat and bottle transfer. The champagne produced through methode champanoise are the most quality and have the finest bubbles. Below is the list of the most expensive champagne brands in Kenya;


  1. Dom Perignon Rose 750ml @39,999
  2. Dom Perigno Brut 750ml @ Ksh 24,000
  3. Veuve Cliquot Brut 750ml @ Ksh 9,000
  4. Veuve Cliquot Rose 750ml @Ksh 10,000
  5. Taittinger Brut 750ml @ Ksh 8,000
  6. Piper Heidsieck Brut 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  7. Piper Heidsieck Rose 750ml @ Ksh 9,500
  8. Perrier Jouet Brut 750ml @ Ksh 13,000
  9. Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  10. Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose 750ml @ Ksh 8,000
  11. Moet & Chandon Imperial Nectar 750ml @ Ksh 8,000
  12. Laurent Pierre Brut 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  13. G.H Mumm Brut 750ml @ Ksh 8,000
  14. Luc Belaire Rose 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  15. Luc Belaire Brut 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  16. Luc Belaire Luxe 750ml @ Ksh 6,000
  17. Luc Belaire Gold 750ml @ Ksh 6,000


Let those awesome bubbles burst on your mouth leaving a sensational feeling great memories. If you are a wine enthusiast and from time to time you require wine delivery Nairobi services, then you have just landed on the most sought-after wine shop in Nairobi where types of wines from all corners of the world meet.



In conclusion, are you looking for the most expensive alcohol in Kenya? Then Nairobi Drinks got your back. It is on our shelves that you will find the most awesome drinks that will make you stand out in the cloud. We are the Nairobi’s favourite online liquor store due to our reliable and convenient services when it comes to drinks delivery Kenya. It so inappropriate to drink an expensive alcohol and at the same time struggle to have it in the house or risk getting a fake one. It is from this point Nairobi Drinks kicks in to solve all your mysteries. We offer fast alcohol delivery Nairobi, wide variety of drinks to choose from, the most discounted alcohol prices in Kenya and flexible means of payment that includes cash, card and Mpesa.

Published on: May 25, 2022  |  Author: Carson
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