Lambrusco Wine Brands In Kenya

Buy lambrusco dell'emillia amabile rosso online from Nairobi drinks red wine | 8%
Buy lambrusco dell'emilia amabile bianco online from Nairobi drinks white wine | 8%
Buy riunite lambrusco emilia online from Nairobi drinks sparkling wine | 7.5%
Buy puianello primabolla reggiano doc lambrusco online from Nairobi drinks red wine | 8.5%
Product Name Size Price Alcohol Content Country Category
 Lambrusco dell'emillia amabile rosso  750 ml  Ksh 1,800  8%  Italy  wine
 Lambrusco dell'emilia amabile bianco  750 ml  Ksh 1,800  8%  Italy  wine
 Riunite lambrusco emilia  750 ml  Ksh 2,499  7.5%  Italy  wine
 Puianello primabolla reggiano doc lambrusco  750 ml  Ksh 1,799  8.5%  Italy  wine

Buy Lambrusco wine brands in Kenya online from Nairobi Drinks at the best wine prices and enjoy reliable alcohol delivery in Nairobi. Dial a drink today

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