Wine shops in Nairobi CBD

Wine shops in Nairobi CBD

Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you like it red, white rose or sparkling? Nairobi Drinks is an online wine shop in Nairobi CBD offering more than just wine. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, wine is more than just alcohol. It is part of any meal. Actually, it is the most important part. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant and every day more civilized”. We also have come up with our own quote, “A meal without wine is called breakfast”. Wine can be drunk by anyone; women and men. It is both a refreshment and a meal. It is for this reason wine is the most popular alcoholic drink after beers.


Life in Nairobi is too demanding leaving most of us with less or no time to rush to the nearest supermarket or wines and spirits in Nairobi to shop for wines. Huge disappointment comes when you don’t get your favorite drink even after the hustle and a lot of sacrifices to get to the wine store. Are you among those undergoing this struggle? Relax because Nairobi Drinks has come to your rescue. Now you can buy wine online in Kenya and enjoy fast and free drinks delivery in Kenya and the surrounding regions. There are other wines shops in Nairobi offering the same services but what makes us more superior is our wide variety. We stock all wine brands in Kenya. These are among the types of wines in Kenya

We stock both varietals and blends. Varietal wines are those wines that utilize a single grape in a preparation of wine and the wine will bear the name of that grape. Sometimes, the winery may add more grapes to a varietal to enhance elements. A good example of varietal wines is Cabernet Sauvignon and a good example of enhanced varietal wines is Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon. On the other hand, blend wines are those wines that utilize about 40% to 50% of one grape and a smaller mix of two or more other grapes. Blending helps in keeping consistency from bottle to bottle and also improves the quality of the wine. Some of the red varietal wines we stock are among the following;

On the other side of white wines, the following are among the white varietal wines that we stock;


Wine delivery Nairobi is becoming a very popular service in the city due to reliability and convenience that comes with online alcohol delivery in Kenya. You can dial a delivery from the comfort of your home or office and wait for a knock at your door in the next few minutes. How magical is that? No beating the traffic, no queuing to be checked out, no parking struggle, no exaggerated prices … I mean there is no hustle. You get everything you want from one point; comparison shopping, free delivery, wide variety, fast delivery, flexible means of ordering, flexible means of payment that includes Mpesa, Airtel money, PayPal, visa card and master card. These are some of the reasons why dial a drink Kenya should be your service.

Visit our website for the best wines in Kenya and their prices. We stock all types of wines either dry wines or sweet wines. For those who love sweet wines, we stock the most awesome sweet red wines in Kenya and the cool sweet white wines in Kenya. At the same time, we understand that there are those that love to enjoy high-class bubbles. It is for this reason that we stock the best sparkling wines in Kenya. Champagnes are also sparkling wines only that they are made in France in a region called Champagne by a method called methode champenoise. There are three grapes used to make champagne; Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. Mark your important days with a toss of the best champagnes in Kenya. We stock both vintage and non-vintage wines. 

Online wine shops in Nairobi are game changers in the alcohol industry. With a digital world where everything is online, alcohol has come on board. The advantage is that you can find out all types of wines in Kenya and their prices from a website which will help you in making an informed decision when you want to try something new. Nairobi Drinks has extended its working hours to midnight every day with aim of realizing our goal of offering 24-hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi. How awesome is that? You can refill your liquor cabinet as late as midnight or past that during weekends. Never again let the party run dry when you have the power to refill it at the palm of your hands. The advantage of shopping wine online in Kenya from Nairobi Drinks, is that we offer the discount on each drink and the discount increases with the more you buy. Apart from the discounts, we give crazy offers every weekend on specified drinks. You might be wondering? How do I know that the offer exists? The answer is very simple, subscribe to our push notification that will come directly to your phone or computer. These notifications that come weekly will keep you informed and will also notify which particular product is on offer.

Apart from wines, we also stock other types of alcohol like whiskey, vodka, tequila, liqueur, rum, gin, cognac, brandy, aperitifs, bitters, chasers and soft drinks. This diversity is what makes our customers term us as the most reliable online liquor store in Kenya. We are a one-stop liquor store where you get all types of drinks. To make it better, all our operators are equipped with deep alcohol knowledge and will help you buy the right drinks in case of events and parties.

I would be biased to say only Nairobi Drinks offers reliable and convenient alcohol delivery Nairobi. Some other online liquor stores worth mentioning are; 

Drinks Delivery Kenya (

Dial A Delivery (

However, let be honest guys, order from Nairobi Drinks and enjoy better technology. Our website is just out of this world. 



Published on: May 25, 2022  |  Author: Carson
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