Alcohol delivery Nairobi

Alcohol delivery Nairobi

Alcohol delivery Nairobi is the new way of life in the city. This service comes in handy when you want to buy alcoholic drinks online without necessarily having to step out of your house, an impromptu office party, when the party runs dry at late at night, when you receive unexpected visitors, when your liquor cabinet goes dry… the scenarios are so many.

Dial a drink services in Kenya have been powered by the improvement of technology and the increase of literacy levels in the country. From your computer or smartphone, you can order alcohol online in Kenya and have it delivered right to your door at no extra charges. The good thing with reliable online liquor stores in Nairobi CBD like Nairobi Drinks is that we don’t have a minimum order of the drinks you should order. You may order a six-pack of beers or a bottle of wine and have your drinks delivered in less than 30 minutes. That is really amazing in comparison with finding your way to the wines and spirits store, spending a significant amount of time to locate your favourite drink, queuing to be checked out and carrying home the bottles hoping they don’t break along the way. Remember there are chances of being overcharged when buying alcohol in malls, a risk of buying fake drinks when shopping for alcoholic drinks in a local liquor store and finally, the risk failing to find the drink of your interest in the local alcohol shops.

The most amazing thing about buying liquor online is the easier comparison of various drinks. By going through our website, www.nairobidrinks.oke, it is like you are taking a trip around the alcohol world. We stock alcoholic drinks from all the corners of the world to ensure we conquer your thirst. At the same time, we understand there are so many types of alcohol in Kenya which might be a little bit confusing, therefore, we are always ready to give expert advice to ensure you get the best bottle according to your needs.

Ordering alcohol should be as enjoyable as drinking it. A quality website of an online liquor shop is key in making ordering alcohol online enjoyable. When we talk of a website’s quality, we mean the categorization of drinks on the site and the flexibility in terms of payment and ordering process. These are some of the factors that ensure buying alcohol online in Kenya becomes enjoyable. Other factors that might impress you are free drinks delivery Nairobi and fast liquor delivery services that allow you to drink anytime you feel like your throat is going dry. There are so many online liquor stores offering various drinks hence bringing confusion in alcohol delivery Nairobi. To have a better experience, ensure that you narrow down your search parameters to have specific results. For example, you could search for terms like whisky delivery Nairobi or wine delivery Nairobi which will give you better results than looking for a general phrase like drinks delivery Kenya. A quality website should have awesome colours that ain’t hurting the eyes, be able to depict the real bottle of alcohol, the current prices and be easy to navigate from one page to the other as you locate your favourite drinks. I am not trying to be biased here, but the leading online liquor store in Nairobi CBD that offers these features is Nairobi Drinks ( ). Everything about this store is just out of the box.

You don’t need to create an account to place an order as you can order via call, text or WhatsApp just by a click of a button that is next to the drink. More awesome is that you can buy alcohol online through our social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. Some other distinguishing factors that make Nairobi Drinks the leading whisky store and wine store in Kenya are the weekly offers, coupons, competitive prices, loyalty gifts and many more advantages that you will discover when you order from us.

There are several benefits that come with ordering alcohol online in Kenya. To start with, online liquor stores have a wide range of inventory for you to select from; they stock drinks from all the corners of the world. This gives assurance that all types of alcohol you are looking for are available. It is a little disappointing when you go looking for your favourite bottle and you are forced to drink the alternative because it is not available.

Imagine in a scenario where you don’t have time to rush out and buy some booze and your throat is demanding its drinking rights. If this was a few years back, then it would have been a problem but currently, it ain’t a problem anymore; you can dial a drink from the comfort of your house provided you have a smartphone or a computer plus internet connectivity. Doesn’t this feel more like magic to have your liquor cabinet at the palms of your hand? If my guess is same as yours, then it does. We all know that time is scarce and thirst is a disease which can only be healed by a bottle, therefore, we offer the fastest alcohol delivery services to your office or house.

Dial a drink services have taken us a step forward, however, there has been an issue with late night alcohol delivery services in Kenya. This is a major problem in the city mostly when the party is lit and the liquor cabinet goes empty. To solve this issue, Nairobi Drinks has extended its working hours to cover for these type of scenarios by ensuring we open up to midnight every day with an exception of weekends when we go up to 3 AM. This is in line with the company vision of offering 24-hour alcohol delivery Nairobi due to the demands of the clients.

How much do you spend on alcohol every weekend? Some of us spend a few hundreds while others spend several thousand. There is an exaggeration of the price if you are buying the drinks from clubs, however, the cost of alcohol doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality. Sometimes the price is merely a marketing strategy which tries to rank some brands as more superior than others when in the real sense they are not. If you were to visit a liquor store with operators that are well vanished with alcohol information, then you will understand this. Online alcohol stores are really cheap as compared to some clubs in Nairobi that are charging a ridiculous amount of money for a normal bottle of liquor, beer or wine. I once ordered a bottle of Hennessy XO from one of the lounges in Westlands but I was really surprised when the waiter requested for Ksh 129,000. What the f**k!!? The same bottle goes for Ksh 29,000 from various online alcohol shops in Nairobi. There are several outlined justifications as to why these clubs are charging an enormous amount of money for their drinks but there is no outstanding reason that holds water here. They are just robbing us our hard earned money. There is no reasonable way you can explain a difference of 100,000. Fortunately, we have the technology to thank as we can now save our money and shop for alcohol online. At the same time, it is really important to order drinks online from the best vendors to ensure that you get original drinks with the quality that you are paying for.

Wines In Kenya

Wines are among the popular alcoholic drinks in Kenya because they can be drunk by everyone. Wines have made their name from their so many usages which range from pairing with food, refreshment, celebrations, hike, road trips to intoxication. The following are the types of wines;

Types Of Wines In Kenya

  • Red wine
  • white wine
  • rose wines
  • sparkling wines
  • champagne
  • port wines
  • vermouth wines
  • fortified wines

Champagnes In Kenya

Champagnes are light, crisp and bubbly alcoholic wines that are among the famous types of alcohol in Kenya. Champagnes are regarded as the most expensive wines in Kenya because they are the best wines in Kenya. Unfortunately, there are only a few champagne brands in Kenya that are known. I once read a quote stating; “Champagne: In victory you deserve it, In defeat you need it”. This explains how champagne is an important drink in all situations. When choosing your bubble, you don’t have to necessarily go for the big names. You first need to understand how champagnes are categorized; vintage and non-vintage. The vintage champagne brands are normally expensive because they are produced from grapes of a particular year only while the non-vintage champagnes are a bit cheaper because there is a blend of grapes from different years. To make a clarification here, all champagne must be produced from Champagne region of France and via methode champenoise production method.

The grapes used to make champagne are Pinot Meunier, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. If any of these rules are violated, then drinks cease to be called champagne and become a normal sparkling wine. Champagne is good to pair with food as they give a nice taste when those bubbles burst on your tongue. The normal champagnes are dry wines and are called brut, however, there are other variations of champagne that are sweet to cater for those people who love sweet white wines. Sweet champagne will have the names on their bottles; rose, nectar, luxe, and gold. Do you have a special event coming soon? Don’t let that day just pass away like any other day. Mark it by tossing a bottle of champagne with your friends. Dial a champagne delivery Nairobi to have the bottles delivered to you.

Whiskeys In Kenya

Whiskies are among the most classy spirits in the world. Whiskeys are dark spirits made from grains like wheat, rye, corn, and barley. To add more flavours, the whiskies are then aged in oak barrels in varying length of time. There is a huge complexity in whiskies depending on where they are produced, raw material used in production and the production rules that are observed. These three factors are the ones that give rise to various whiskey brands in Kenya.

Types of whisky in Kenya

  • Single Malt Whisky
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Bourbon Whiskey
  • Tennessee Whiskey
  • Japan Whisky
  • Indian Whiskey
  • Canadian Whisky

People who love trying new drinks from different countries have been very unfortunate because of the local wines and spirits in Kenya stock only the common whiskeys. Nairobi Drinks is coming to the rescue of such by ensuring we have all whiskey brands in Kenya in our stores. Buy whisky online in Nairobi today from us and enjoy discounted prices and the convenience that comes with alcohol delivery Kenya.


Alcohol delivery Nairobi has completely changed the way we drink alcohol by adding convenience and reliability to the whole process. You don’t have to leave your visitors to rush to the nearest wines and spirits store to buy alcohol nor worry about your empty liquor cabinet because you can have it refilled within 30 minutes without having to leave your desk. Dial a drink today and be set to enjoy the new world of online shopping in Kenya. Nairobi Drinks is more than EABL drinks delivery because we sell all categories of alcohol. Basically, we are wines and spirits distributors in Nairobi.



Published on: May 25, 2022  |  Author: Carson
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