Drinks delivery Kenya

Drinks delivery Kenya

There are four ways you can enjoy your favourite drink; at home, in the office, in an event or in a club. As you can see, three of the above options requires the alcohol to find you instead of you going to find it. This is the point where drinks delivery Kenya comes in. Basically, drinks delivery is shopping for alcohol online where you dial a drink from the comfort of your house or office and have it delivered in a few minutes. There are several online liquor stores in Kenya offering alcohol delivery services, however, precautions should be taken to ensure you get the best services from your hard earned money. Today we will dig a little bit deeper on drinks delivery Kenya and some of the reasons it is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.


To be honest, online alcohol delivery is the way of life in the city. You don’t have to move from your seat to quench your thirst unless when heading to the front door to pick your alcohol order. You must agree with me that the comfort of the whole process ordering liquor online is really amazing! Imagine touring the world of alcohol from the palms of your hands and then requesting a French bottle of wine and within 20 minutes it is already at your door. You don’t have to worry about your empty liquor cabinet anymore when you can refill it through one simple call. There are no worries about your party running dry with late night alcohol delivery services in place. What I am trying to explain is that you don’t have to worry about anything when you can order drinks online in Nairobi.

Nairobi Drinks, one of the most reliable online liquor store in Nairobi CBD, offers drinks delivery services in Nairobi and Kenya at large. Since inception, Nairobi Drinks has been the favourite wines and spirits store for many due to our fast liquor delivery, wide variety types of alcohol, flexible means of payment and discounted alcohol prices in Kenya. Some clients ask us if we offer same day alcohol delivery and we reply them that we offer 20 minutes drink delivery when it comes to alcohol delivery in Nairobi via a fleet of motorbikes and 24 hours to the other parts of Kenya via courier services.

The following are categories of alcoholic drinks in Kenya that you can order online from various alcohol shops, wine store and whiskey store.

Types Of Alcoholic Drinks In Kenya

  • wine
  • Whisky
  • Vodka
  • Beer
  • Brandy
  • Cognac
  • Tequila
  • Liqueurs
  • Rum
  • Gin

As clearly indicated above, whisky delivery Nairobi and wines delivery Nairobi are the most popular services when it comes to alcohol delivery Kenya. This is because wine can be drunk by anyone including Christians while whiskeys are regarded as classy alcoholic drinks for men.

Whisky Delivery Nairobi

Gentlemen drink whisky either neat, on the rocks or with chasers. Gentlemen must drink whisky to be reputable to other men. It is for this reason, apart from whiskey prices in Kenya, that this category of alcohol has become popular. Unlike Cognacs, which are only produced in Cognac region in France, whisky can be produced from any country and in various styles to suit different demands of the whisky connoisseurs leading to the various types of whisky in Kenya. A particular types of whisky might different styles hence different whisky brands in Kenya. The fact whiskeys can be produced from any country brings us to whiskey and whisky. The inclusion or exclusion of that “e” explains the country in which this particular grain distilled spirit is made from. Whiskey means it is produced from Ireland or the United States while whisky means it is produced from any other country apart from Ireland and the United States. The following are the whiskeys in Kenya.

Types Of Whisky in Kenya

  • Single Malt Whiskeys these are whiskeys that are produced from one distillery. The taste in a particular single malt whisky is the trademark for the distillery from which they are produced. There could be blending in single malt whisky, but the blending is limited to that particular distillery. Single malt whiskies are known for a long ageing period which introduces complex flavours. Most of the single malt whiskies have the number of years they are aged marked on the bottle.
  • Blended Scotch Whisky these are whiskies that are made from blending a third of single malt scotch whisky with two third of grain scotch whisky. Blended whiskies are aged for a minimum of five years to let the whiskies marry. Blended whiskies are known for their flavours introduced from blending various types of whiskies rather than ageing for a long period of time.
  • Irish Whiskeys these are whiskeys that are produced in Ireland. These whiskeys are unique from because they are triple distilled and they must be aged for a minimum of 3 years. Unlike scotch whiskies that have smoky flavours, Irish whiskeys have the grains dried in a kiln after germination but away from smoke hence their smooth taste.
  • Bourbon Whiskeys – these whiskeys are produced in any part of United States. They are made from 51% corn and they must be aged for a minimum of 3 years. Unlike Tennessee whiskeys, it is not mandatory to filter bourbon whiskeys through charcoal.
  • Tennessee Whiskeys these whiskeys are made in Tennessee district in the United States and are aged for a minimum of three years. They must be made from 51% corn just like bourbon whiskeys and also filtered over charcoal after distillation before ageing. The process of filtering the Tennessee whiskeys over charcoal is called The Lincoln County Process. Tennessee whiskeys have
  • Japanese Whiskythese are high-quality whiskies produced in Japan. Japanese borrow much of their brewing skills from Scotland, however, their quality is getting better than that of Scotch whiskies because of tough competition in the country.
  • Other types of whiskeys worth mentioning are Indian whiskies and Canadian whiskies.

Wine Delivery Nairobi

Wines in Kenya are the most popular alcoholic drinks. This is because there is a wine for everyone and every event. You can pair wine with food, you can drink wine while relaxing, you can refresh with a glass of wine, you can drink wine on a hike, you can pop a bottle to celebrate an important achievement… basically, you can drink wine at any time. Wines are more complex than the other types of alcohol because they are categorized depending on the following factors;

Factors Affecting Categorization Of Wine

  • Grapes used to produce wine; dark grapes produce red wines and rose wines while white grapes produce white wines and champagnes.
  • The country from which the wine is produced. This affects the quality of wine because of the soil characteristics and weather conditions.
  • Whether sweet, dry or semi-sweet. To achieve the sweetness of wine you can use three different methods; adding sucrose, adding concentrated grape juice or stopping fermentation process before all the sugars are converted into alcohol.
  • The size of the wine. Wines are packaged in sizes of 750ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres, 2 litres, 3 litres, 4 litres and 5 litres. Wines packaged in a box that has a tap on one side are called casks.

10 Popular Types of Wines in Kenya and Their Uses

  1. red wines are known for pairing with food and romantic dates
  2. white wines are known for refreshment and also light meals pairing
  3. rose wines are known for outdoors
  4. fortified wines are known for cocktails preparation
  5. sparkling wines are known for celebrations
  6. champagnes are known for import celebrations
  7. vermouth wines are known for cocktails preparation
  8. port wines are known for pairing with food
  9. non-alcoholic wines are known for religious events like weddings for those who don’t drink alcohol.
  10. South African wines are wines produces in South Africa. They are both varietals and blended wines.

Champagnes Delivery Nairobi

These bubbling wines are known for important celebrations. Champagnes have been popular with kings and queens from the old age to a point they even came with the following quote, “champagne: in victory, you deserve it, in defeat you need it”. People always confuse champagnes to be an independent category of alcohol while in the real sense champagnes are just classy wines. The difference between champagnes and other wines is that champagnes are made from two distillation processes. The second distillation process is meant to introduce carbon dioxide which makes them bubble and pop when shaken during celebrations. Champagnes are categorised as vintage champagnes (they are made from grapes of a single harvest and are aged for a minimum of 3 years in a bottle) and non-vintage champagnes (they are made from grapes of multiple harvests and are aged for a minimum of 15 months in a bottle). There is a misconception that vintage Champagnes are more quality than non-vintage Champagnes but the truth is, it all depends on your preference. However, vintage Champagnes are more complex to the palate due to more ageing while non-vintage Champagnes are less complex to the palate due to less ageing hence they can be enjoyed frequently.

Difference Between Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

Champagnes and sparkling wines have one thing in common, they are both bubbly wines. However, champagnes are more quality wines than sparkling wines because of their strict rules of production. Here are some facts about champagnes and sparkling wines

  • Champagnes can only be produced in the Champagne region in France while other sparkling wines can be produced from any region in the world
  • Champagnes can only be produced from a method called Methode Champenoise while other sparkling wines can be produced from three different methods; Methode Champenoise (traditional method), bulk chamat or bottle transfer method.
  • Champagnes can only be produced from these three grapes; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier while other sparkling wines can be produced from any types of grapes.
  • All champagnes are sparkling wines but not all sparkling wines are champagnes
  • Quality sparkling wines have finer mousse.
  • Sparkling wines made from the traditional method are the best highest quality


Reasons To Order Alcohol Online in Kenya


There are so many factors that will lead someone to buy liquor online from cheaper price, saving time, the flexibility of payment and ordering, reliability and convenience, privacy and many other reasons. The following are some of the reasons you alcohol delivery Nairobi could be the service you need to use next.


  • Alcohol Privacy – Scandal of your pictures drinking and misbehaving going round in social media will lower your reputation. The worst scenario is when you are with someone else apart from your partner and then those pictures reach your partner. You can avoid all this humiliation by letting a bottle of your favourite liquor meet you instead of you meeting it. Maybe your religion prohibits you from drinking but your thirsty throat won’t let live another day without taking a glass. This is always a compromising situation but don’t worry because we got your back. Just dial a delivery and you will be enjoying a bottle in your privacy as you belch of satisfaction letting God be your judge.
  • Alcohol and Condoms – Just imagine you have managed to inbox your crush only to arrive home and find out you don’t have condoms. This is when you realize the devil is real. If you rush to the nearest shop, you ain’t sure your catch will wait for that long. How about that shopkeeper who knows you as a good gentleman or lady finding out you are going to have sex? This might taint your respect. At the same time you want at least a bottle of whisky to keep things flowing smoothly but unfortunately, your liquor cabinet is also empty. This is where Nairobi Drinks kicks in as a savior. Whether you are looking for whisky delivery Nairobi or condoms delivery Nairobi you can be certain that you will have the fastest delivery ever as you keep your catch company.
  • Save Time and Stress – You almost heading home having been stuck in the office the whole day and deep down there you can feel the echoes of the thirsty you. The traumatizing thing is the hectic traffic to the liquor store and the only thing your sharp brains can think of is how a bottle of Johnnie Walker will flavor your evening. To be sincere, time is the most scarce resource in the city. We all loath getting stuck in the traffic or basically wasting time. Spending all that time in the shop, queuing and then back must be really inconveniencing. A good online liquor store comes in your help in such situations. From your phone, you can just dial a drink and have it delivered to where you are as you concentrate on your job. 
  • Ordering Alcohol Online is Economical – if we use Nairobi Drinks as a specimen here you will understand that ordering alcohol from us is economical. We give offers from time to time to add to the loyalty programs, coupons, and discounts which increases with the more you order. When you buy liquor from the supermarket and other establishes wines and spirits shop in Nairobi you will find that their prices are fixed and gives no room for negotiation. Most of the times their higher prices are justified by the hefty rent they pay and their huge running costs. When you buy alcohol online in Kenya you will understand that our prices are considerably low and the most amazing is that there is no extra cost because the delivery is free.
  • Flexible Payment Methods – money is always a cause of worry in everyone. This worry is even more intensified you don’t money in cash and the payment method required is cash or the vice versa where the payment method required is card, PayPal or Mpesa and you have it in cash. Having understood this concern of our clients, we accept all means of payment including banker’s cheque. We also accept payment in dollars which mostly works for foreigners who don’t have the local currency.
  • Surprise Celebrations – there are scenarios that arises when bottles of champagne are essential to celebrate some are achievements as a company like huge gain in the stock exchange or personal achievement like a job promotion. Champagne delivery Nairobi comes in hand in such scenarios acting swiftly to ensure the bottles reach you in time.  
  • Social Drinking – sometimes our friends surprises us in the house and the liquor cabinet also surprises us by being empty. For social drinking beer delivery, Nairobi is the most common service for men while for women wine delivery Nairobi will suit them. The best thing is that the power to place that order is just within a few clicks then wait for the doorbell in minutes.



Buying alcohol online is more like stepping out of your house to breathe new air. You get a chance to explore the whole world of alcohol from your phone. In comparison to shopping for alcohol from liquor store in the mall or the nearest alcohol shop, online liquor store is more convenient and easy, you will get your drink fast, it is economical, you will save on time and stress, you will get great offers, flexible means of payment, various means of ordering, you can shop even late at night when liquor stores are closed, you get a wide range of alcohol… drinks delivery Kenya is just magical. Basically, ordering alcohol online is more like accepting the digital age where everything is controlled from the palm of your hand. Dial a drink Nairobi today and be set to enjoy the freedom of alcohol delivery in Kenya.

Published on: May 25, 2022  |  Author: Carson
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