Drinks delivery Nairobi - Dial a drink nairobi

Drinks delivery Nairobi - Dial a drink nairobi

Are you in the mood of enjoying a glass of wine? Do you have friends coming over and think a couple of beers will do you good as you recap? Would you love to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate a milestone achieved? Then NAIROBI DRINKS got your back. With extended working hours in an aim to offer 24 hours alcohol delivery Nairobi in addition to free and fast drinks delivery Nairobi, you can sit back and relax. Having been in existence for the past 5 years, we have gained deep knowledge in all categories of alcohol that would help make your party a huge success. To make it even better, Nairobi Drinks stocks all the varieties of drinks from all corners of the world to ensure that you always get exactly what you want rather than settling for a substitute. Join me today as we will try and explore some of the reasons alcohol delivery Nairobi is taking over the city in comparison to the local wines and spirits shops.


Dial A Drink Services

Dial a delivery services are picking fast due to the improvement in technology in the country. This has also been largely influenced by low cost of smartphones making them affordable to low earning Kenyans hence easier access to the internet. With literacy level rising every year and traffic jam in the cities increasing every single day, the option of ordering products online looks more viable. The leading products ordered online is alcohol. This is mainly because alcohol is slowly turning to be a need away from a luxury as it has been perceived previously. This is due to various uses associated with liquor. For example, a glass of wine after dinner helps in digestion. Also, wine is a great option for those that don’t lime well with spirits. Beers are a great option for social drinking while spirits are great for parties. When celebrating something like a birthday, wedding, graduation and other memorable events, a bottle of champagne comes in hand. The reasons why NAIROBI DRINKS come in mind of every Nairobian when they think of alcohol is because of our efficiency and reliability when it comes to drinks delivery Kenya. Do you want to dial a drink today and have the drink delivered in the next 15 minutes? Then you better have Nairobi Drinks contacts with you. Our contacts are found on our website, www.nairobidrinks.co.ke or you may give us a call, message or WhatsApp via +254714798820 and be sure to get a response in seconds to confirm your alcohol delivery dispatch. Besides the free and fast alcohol delivery Nairobi, we also offer discounted prices in all our drinks. This is to add on to the loyalty gifts that we give to all our loyal clients from time to time.


Wines and Spirits Wholesale Prices in Kenya

Do you have a bar or a restaurant? Want to start a wines and spirits or you are already running one? Then you need the best wines and spirits prices in Kenya. By the best here, we refer to the most discounted alcohol prices that will give you a room to get a better margin in all your sales. When you purchase your liquor at great prices you will also be able to sell at affordable prices hence attract more customers and also make your customers loyal to you. With alcohol business, the supply is always an issue and when you have a good supplier the price is always exaggerated. if you have been a culprit of exaggerated alcohol prices in Kenya, then Nairobi Drinks has come to your rescue by offering the best wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya. Our drinks and services include: whisky, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, liqueur, wines, beers, cognacs, brandy, aperitif, vermouth, bitters, chasers, cigarettes, condoms, fruit juices, water, tumblers and gift delivery. We got the best wines and spirits prices list Kenya because it got all the categories of alcohol in Kenya in all their various sizes. For more diversification, we import our alcohol from different countries to ensure that you always enjoy your preferred glass. Our difference with other wines and spirits stores is that we stock more varieties in comparison with them and also, we have better prices because we import the drinks ourselves. To make it better, we deliver to all our clients in other cities upon agreement via the courier services or the PSV. Dial a drink Kenya today and enjoy the reliability and efficiency in alcohol delivery Kenya.


Often people get confused on how to choose the best online liquor store in Kenya because of the mushrooming online liquor stores. Most of these stores don’t do their delivery within their stated time hence instilling fear and also highly inconveniencing their clients. To curb that, NAIROBI DRINKS has a fleet of motorbikes to ensure that you have your delivery within 30 minutes of ordering. To make it more better, we request our clients to drop us a pin of their location and our riders uses google maps to locate them. The riders also use earphones to call the clients while riding to ensure smooth communication with the client without wasting time to stop when carrying out the delivery. Once you share your location with us, we save the information in our database to ensure next time you place an order, you will not be requested to give more details unless you want to change your delivery location. To have everyone covered, we have extended our working hours 1 AM gearing to 24 hours alcohol delivery Nairobi. This ensures that you may place an order at any time you think of drinking and be assured you will have it delivered in minutes. Many clients have issues in placing an order online for various reasons from lacking the knowledge on how to carry out online shopping to traumatizing experience from previous purchases that went soar. To have a better experience in online shopping, you must ensure that you are transacting with a reliable online liquor store Kenya that has a great user experience. NAIROBI DRINKS has understood the complexity that comes with e-commerce and have introduced various ways of ordering including WhatsApp, text messages and call via 0714798820. Other ways include email, orders@nairobidrinks.co.ke, nairobidrinks@gmail.com and social media including facebook, twitter and Instagram. In comparison to the local liquor stores, online alcohol delivery Nairobi is much easier. Why do you have to drive through the traffic for hours just to get a bottle? Have you thought of the scenario that you don’t get your favourite bottle in the nearest wine store and you have to drive or walk to the next one to try your luck? How about queueing to get checked out? Don’t forget that comparison shopping on a local store is very difficult due to lack of information and varieties in that particular store. Nairobi Drinks import wines and spirits from different countries in the world and then describe each and every bottle in terms of the expected taste. We also relate close products so that you can see the alternative in case you would love something close to what you take but a bit different. Drinks delivery Kenya saves you time that would have been used in the whole process of visiting your liquor store, beating the traffic to and fro, queueing to be checked out and walking around the shelves trying to locate you a preferred bottle as you do the comparison. If you are lucky enough, you might meet someone who can guide you. Otherwise, it might be a hell of a time doing comparison hence draining you of the energy reserved to enjoy the drink. Ordering a drink should be as enjoyable as drinking it. It is that perception that NAIROBI DRINKS offer fast dispatch of drinks, free alcohol delivery Kenya and the most discounted prices in the city.

Alcohol Delivery Nairobi

Are you holding a house party, a celebration or an event? Is your company gifting the workers and the loyal clients? In all these case, you might be short of ideas but don’t worry because Nairobi Drinks will sought you out. Our employees have learnt on how to prepare cocktails from different drinks depending on the target consumers. The good thing is that they will dispense this information without extra cost. Cocktail preparation requires bitters, aperitifs and vermouths. These three categories of alcohol are used to sweeten cocktails to make them palatable to those people who don’t appreciate taking the drinks neat. When you visit us or give us a call, we will help you understand what you need to buy and in which quantities. For example, you need to buy at least a bottle from all common alcohol categories as follows;

  1. whisky
  2. vodka
  3. wines
  4. beers
  5. cognac
  6. brandy
  7. rum
  8. gin
  9. tequila
  10. aperitif

This will ensure that no one will miss what they love. Some people love their drinks neat, some on the rocks and some mixed with mixers like the tonic water, soda water, lime water, sodas, juices or still water.

Whisky Delivery Nairobi

There is much more distinction when it comes to wine and whisky lovers. This because they two categories have production from different countries. Actually, whisky delivery Nairobi is the greatest branch that is subdivided to Irish whiskey, bourbon whiskeys, blended scotch whiskies, single malt whiskies, Canadian whiskies and Indian whiskies. All these whiskies have a different taste and colour depending on their age and the grains used to prepare them. Whiskies can be prepared from almost all grains but the most popular ones are barley and rye. The order the whisky is, the dark the colour and the strong the taste. Some whiskies like blended scotch whiskies are prepared by blending them with other whiskies from different distilleries with different ages. The blend is now bottled as a particular whisky but it is labelled with the age of the youngest whisky in the blend. If whiskies from a single distillery are blended, then the blend will be called a single malt whisky. This category of whisky are prepared in different countries but the most popular ones are from Scotland. In Kenya, single malt whisky delivery Nairobi lead in terms of demands. This is particularly because it is associated with high class and also the bottles look classy. The most popular single malts are Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie and singleton. These whiskies are further categorised in terms of years starting from 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 26, 30 and so on. The older the single malt, the more the concentration and the higher the price. When the concentration is high, the whisky will have a strong smell and it will appear to be darker.

Wine Delivery Nairobi

Wines on the other hand have more complexity than even whiskies. Wine delivery Nairobi is among the most popular services due to the fact wine can be drank by basically everyone. Wine are subdivided as follows;

  1. white wines
  2. red wines
  3. fortified (vermouth wines & port wines)
  4. rose’ wines
  5. sparkling wine
  6. champagne

These categories are further subdivided to sweet, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet. When red wines are graded according to alcohol percentage, they are called as light bodies, medium bodies and full bodies. Champagnes are high class wine that are meant for celebration by making them pop on shaking them. The grapes that make champagne are handpicked selectively from a particular area of France called Champagne. They are a made under strict rules otherwise they wine will be regarded as normal wine. The white wines are further subdivided into Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Moscato, Pinot Gris /Grigio, Semillon, Gewurtraminer  and Viongier. On the hand, the red wines are subdivided into Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Pinotage, Zinfandel and Shiraz/Syrah.

Cognac Delivery Nairobi

Cognac are high-class brandy produced from the Cognac region of France. Cognac are made under very strict regulations and any slight deviation from these rules will turn it into a normal brandy. The grapes that prepare them must be picked as the per the law of France. No matter how much a grape begs to be picked only the best ones that qualify to produce the desired taste. Cognac is distilled twice in coffee pot still to produce eau-de-vie which is aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. Ten gallons of eau-de-vie produces one gallon of cognac after evaporation during aging. This huge reduction in volume as they age, is what makes cognac expensive. There are rules used to help classify cognac. They are as follows:

VS (Very Special) – this means the eau-de-vie in the blend must be at least three years old. VS are the youngest cognac.

VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) – this means the eau-de-vie in the blend must be at least five years old. They are normally referred as the middle child.

XO (eXtra Old) – this means that the eau-de-vie in the blend must be at least six years old. They are regarded as the oldest cognac because they have eau-de-vie which are even more than 100 years old.


The famous brands in this category include;

  1. Courvoisier
  2. Camus
  3. Remy Martins
  4. Martell
  5. Hennessy
  6. Bisquit
  7. Meukow.

These brands were made popular by rap artist in America in their songs by flossing with them. In Kenya, cognac delivery Nairobi is a service reserved for middle-class citizens and high-class citizens due to the cost of the drinks. They cost between Ksh 4000 and Ksh 30,000 To enjoy the cognacs better, you need a tulip shaped glass. This kind of glass will give you a chance to inhale the fruity smell with the flavours of soil, smoke, vanilla and honey from the cognac before you sip it. Cognac can be enjoyed in different styles which includes neat, on the rocks, mixed with either soda water, tonic water, fresh juices, soda or just natural water. Now that you know more about drinks delivery Kenya, why don’t you dial a drink and Nairobi Drinks will be at your door with a bottle.

Published on: May 25, 2022  |  Author: Carson
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