Dial A Drink – Buy Drink Online In Kenya

Dial A Drink – Buy Drink Online In Kenya

Health benefits are just some added advantage of alcohol consumption. The real advantage of alcohol is that it lets you have fun. With alcohol, you can say goodbye to those boring moments. Alcohol helps you to loosen up and enjoy the moment. Although stress is a part of life, too much stress can be harmful to you. So, why not relax for a moment and have that glass of wine, champagne, beer, whiskey, gin, rum, cognac, or brandy? The most awesome thing is that you don’t have to struggle to enjoy your drink. You can dial a drink and have your favorite bottle finding its way to your house in less than 30 minutes.

Given that life can be stressful, the fact that you can buy your drinks online and have them delivered to you on time makes life so much easier. Even though, you can have your drinks delivered to you anytime you want regardless of the situation, below are some alcohol delivery situations that you can probably relate to.

When A Party Runs Dry

Everyone is dancing, chatting, and having the time of their lives but you come to realize that the drinks are running out. Getting the drinks all by yourself is one option but then again, you don’t want to miss all the fun.

It is at this point that you are going to need an alcohol delivery service in your town, whether you are in Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, or Nairobi, Dial A Drink will make sure you get your drink on time. Just head online, pick a suitable online alcohol shop, purchase your alcohol, fill in the other details and wait as your drinks will be delivered to you in the shortest time possible. The late-night alcohol delivery services ensure that parties don’t end just because you are running out of drinks.

Satisfying Your Alcohol Cravings

Have you ever had a spontaneous craving for that glorious glass of wine, beer, whiskey or brandy, but find going out of your home to find it to be too much of a hassle? Worse still, can you imagine having to skip dinner simply because you were too lazy during the day to go buy your drink? Sounds like a job for alcohol delivery to me!

You may even be in the middle of your favorite TV show when suddenly you crave a glass of wine. In such a case, going out to get a drink is not an option as you are going to miss the other scenes of your TV show.

The most expensive drinks in Kenya and the rare alcoholic drinks are centralized in Nairobi because that is where most of the target clients are located. However, you can have any of these drinks delivered to you in any part of the country within 24 hours through courier services. The aim of Dial A Drink Nairobi, an online alcohol shop located in Nairobi CBD is to make drinks delivery Kenya a service for all regardless of where you are situated in Kenya.

Surprise Visitors

Picture this; you are alone in your house having a boring day when suddenly you hear a knock on the door. When you open it, you see the girl that you have been trying to get on a date withstanding there waiting for you to let her in. You let her in, but as you are asking her what she would like to drink, you realize that you don’t have any fancy drink to offer her.

The problem is that you can’t leave her alone in the house as you go to the liquor store to buy drinks. Tricky, right? Well, with alcohol delivery Nairobi, you can sit back and relax as you order your crush’s favorite drink from the online liquor store.

Wide Variety Of Drinks

You will get all types of alcohol in Kenya in an online liquor shop. The following are some of the services available as long as drinks delivery Nairobi is concerned.

Whisky Delivery Nairobi

Whisky is also known as whiskey. Whisky is a type of alcoholic drink that is made from aging a distillation of fermented grain mash. Different varieties of whiskey are made from different varieties of grains. The grains used to make this dark spirit include corn, rye, barley, rice, and wheat.

Whisky is the best masculine drink that you can ever come across due to its strong smell and taste that puts women at bay. Mr. Winston Churchill once named whiskey his favorite vice. Whiskey is among the drinks that have been enjoyed by men for centuries. Due to its popularity as a man’s drink, a picture of an old man with a glass of whiskey in his hand is not a strange image. If you ever wanted to feel like a strong man, or you want the man in your life to feel strong, whiskey delivery will sort you out. The online liquor store has a vast variety of whiskey with a 24-hour alcohol delivery that is guaranteed. Dial A Drink Nairobi, an online whisky store, offers the best whiskey prices in Kenya.

Wine Delivery Nairobi

This is an alcoholic drink that is made from fermented grapes. It is probably the most popular drink among the female gender. One of the great things about this drink is that you can enjoy it as you are having your meal. The different types of wine are a result of the different types of grapes and also preparation methods.

Although wine is widely known to be made from grapes, there are other types of wine that are not made from grapes. These are the fruit wines like cherry, pomegranate, elderberry, currant, and plum as well as rice wine. With dial booze, that late-night indoor girls' party doesn’t have to end because you are running out of wine.

Champagne Delivery Nairobi

Champagne is simply sparkling wine. This drink is considered to be one of the most luxurious alcoholic drinks in the entire world. If you have been watching music videos and movies, you are probably familiar with this drink. This drink is most common among rap music videos. Named after the region in France where it originates, champagne is mainly made from grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier Pinot Noir.

So fancy is this drink that in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, champagne was associated with royalty. Due to this, leading manufacturers during these periods made efforts to associate their champagne with royalty and nobility through packaging and advertising. As a result, champagne became popular among the emerging middle-class citizens at the time.

However, nowadays the story is quite different, with the emergence of pop culture, manufacturers target rap stars as an advertising strategy. From Jay Z featuring Ace of Spades (a champagne brand) in one of his songs to Rick Ross endorsing Luc Bellaire, it is clear that the rap lifestyle showcased by rappers in their music videos goes hand in hand with the luxurious nature of this drink. Even though champagne is known to be highly expensive, with Nairobi drinks, you don’t have to worry as the champagne price as well as the wine and spirits prices are affordable.

Beer Delivery Nairobi

Not only does a glass of beer taste good, but it also makes you feel good. Being one of the oldest and also the most consumed alcoholic drink in Kenya and the entire world, the demand for this drink is just going up by the day. In fact, it will be no surprise if after reading this bit about beer; you head straight to the online liquor store so that you can get yourself this drink and quench your thirst.

Did you know that beer is so common that it comes third after tea and of course water, as the most popular drink in the world? Well, now you know.

How To Enjoy Beer

  • Do not frost your glass- By frosting your glass, you are killing the aromas, carbonation and you are causing your beer to foam.
  • Don’t drink cold beer- No matter how much your friends brag about drinking ice cold beer, by drinking an ice-cold beer, you are not going to enjoy the maximum taste. For maximum taste, leave the beer in the fridge for only 10 minutes before consuming it. This will help in exposing the aromas.
  • Do not keep your beer for too long- You or your loved ones may be guilty of keeping that bottle or bottle of beer in the fridge for months. However, this is a bad idea as the taste of the beer is only going to wear off as time passes.

Liquor Delivery Nairobi

Liquors are also referred to as spirits. In a simple definition, liquors are all other alcoholic drinks apart from beers and wines. Spirits are also referred to as hard drinks, hard alcohol, or hard liquor. Sure, from the description, you can tell that spirits are not for the fainthearted. This alcoholic drink is so bitter that most drinkers prefer to mix it with soft drinks before taking it. The soft drink helps in reducing the bitterness. Besides the bitter taste caused by the lack of sugar, spirits are also known as hard drinks because they have a higher alcohol concentration.

If you want to get drunk fast, spirits are the drinks for you. All you need is just to have tolerance for the bitter taste if you want to take it raw (unmixed with soft drinks). Besides, you won’t have to wait in line as you can now buy liquor online in Kenya at the comfort of your home. Spirits are categorized into two;

Clear Spirits - Clear spirits acquired their name from their clear color just like water, however, they can gain color by aging in wood barrels or by the addition of coloring flavors. Aging is not a must for clear spirits. The following are the clear types of spirits in Kenya;

  • gin
  • vodka
  • tequila
  • rum

Dark Spirits - Dark spirits get their name from their dark color. They must be aged in wood barrels to get the dark color and also improve their quality. The dark color could also result from the addition of color flavorings. Dark spirits are considered to be of better quality than clear spirits. The following are the dark category of spirits in Kenya;

  • cognac
  • brandy
  • whisky
  • liqueur


You just like every other Kenyan, love to have a good time. For most Kenyans, drinking is part of having a good time. Whether you are in Mombasa, Nairobi or Kisumu, you only need to dial a drink, and you will get your drink in no time. If you are in Mombasa, simply dial a drink in Mombasa and if you are located in Nairobi, alcohol delivery Nairobi is your answer.




Published on: Jan 11, 2021  |  Author: Carson
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